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Adam took the task of writing yet another online dating profile from dreadful to fun. In one quick session we worked together to transform my rather brief and dry profile into something that sizzled. Let’s face it – as women we write what we are looking for in our language. Adam helped me translate “me” into language that a man would understand and respond to. He made it easy, too. When we were done, I had a draft in my inbox that I could cut and paste into any site I signed onto.
VM, San Diego
Working with Adam on my profile was an enlightening experience Adam made writing my profile so easy and fun. Adam is brilliant, he really knows how to style the profile, so that it is written to attract a man. Adam really captured the essence, of what I want in a man. He used my voice and his genius, and put it together into man magnet words. If you are serious about online dating, Adam is the man to call, he will show you the way, to meeting the right man online.   

Hi Adam,
Thank you so, you are a genius!
I am 64 years old and I have not been a dating site for 4 years!  When I saw your email, although a little skeptic I thought I would give it a try.  And I am so grateful that I did!
You worked with speed, charm and grace.  (That is why I know this is your special gift:-))  You asked straight questions and got right to the point.  And all the time I felt safe and most importantly ‘heard’.  
The result is an online profile that I am proud of and that is perfect for me.  It reflects exactly what I desire in a life partner, and best of all, you drew the information out of me effortlessly and with ease.
Thank you so much!  You will be the first to know when I meet my life partner!
With love and respect,?

“I benefited tremendously from Adam Gilad’s personal advice regarding my online profile. He has a sharp intellect, is a fast thinker and is beautifully creative with words. I have also been able to discuss with him a personal conundrum and he gave me his frank opinion, which was very helpful. Moreover, I wanted to attract a different type of man. Adam skillfully remedied the situation indirectly by simply adding a few pertinent sentences. Last but not least, he is on time and totally focused on the task at hand during the phone conversation. I recommend Adam’s personal phone consultations with highest enthusiasm.” M c, Newcastle England

Dear Susan,

I just wanted to send you a little message to thank you for recommending Adam Gilad. I listened to all his talks on The State of Dating 2012 and I found almost every single one of them a gem of wisdom that sparked my enthusiasm to improve my view of things, the way I speak, what I call into my life and all the improvements both materially and spiritually.

Between some words of wisdom you shared with me in emails and those talks I feel very blessed to have learned so much and am happy to be putting these things into practice now. 

I have already seen some very positive changes (I had the most amazing connection and sex with my ex-finaxé and understand that our break-up was also my fault- my overfocused on what was wrong with my life instead of seeing all the blessings and think of how to make others happy too) and I feel that it is up to me in many ways to call this happiness into my life. I do not have any expectations, but I know that Paul is my very good, perhaps best friend still. He is a great lover and over eager to please me all the while being independent and mature. He is 15 years younger than me, and I thought that would be a problem, it maybe still is, but I just want to cultivate love in my heart and be open to it whether from Paul or perhaps another man later on. (Paul doesn’t live in Strasbourg anymore at the moment because of his work, but his family lives here. We were together for three years and have so many memories and experiences in common.)

Thanks !!!!!!!!

Congratulations! You’re brilliant. What a pleasure. Such a high level of discourse and thoughtful feedback. Also illuminating. I was very moved at one point. The bit about men and death I think…will re-listen. You provide such a beautiful service. Thanks too for the generous shout-out! So glad I finally figured out where call-in info was. Thank you, Adam. I’m impressed and touched. Yrs, RR

I really enjoy how you are helping us one on one with our profiles.  I couldn’t write one yesterday because I didn’t even know where to begin, but after listening to you helping other women, I felt more confident and able to express what I really wanted.  It also helped to see what the other women had written.

Today I was able to sit down and write a basic profile.  I know it isn’t finished, but it feels good to me.  I think I will try to schedule a private consultation.

I think part of my problem in writing the profile that I am already in a so called “relationship” and I can’t see past the man I am with, so it has been hard to put myself out there, even though I need to.

So, thanks, for your help!  I love the entire class so far.

Blessings to you,

I’ll share what I’ve gotten from the classes so far - 

Class one was huge when you asked what my shadow wanted in a relationship – it spurred on an intensive week of healing which has been great.  I’m marinating in my own value and validation on a deeper level than before and sitting in an abundance of love and care for myself in a new way.  Class two I realized I have only been orienting towards finding someone that will let me love them instead of sharing in love – give and receive…


Dear Adam,

What I valued most so far is your teaching us how to write an online
profile through the male mind. Knowing the 13 victories. Adding “meat”
to the bones of the profile is something I hadn’t done in the past.
Using stories, adding what we find sexy in a man, and qualifying a
man. Also I like that you use homework, action steps, and mention

Thanks so much,
Marcy from Columbus

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